During Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, I instructed a course on urban inequality at Rice University.  I will also be teaching this course in the 2018-2019 academic year. The course is a component of a broader program, called Community Bridges, which is put on through the Kinder Institute for Urban Research.  Community Bridges Fellows spend part of their time in the classroom with me, learning about urban sociology, poverty and inequality, and approaches to addressing urban issues.  Outside of the classroom, students partner with a Houston community organization, working throughout the year on projects aimed toward sustainably reducing poverty and inequality in our city.

As the Community Bridges instructor, I work with the students to connect the theories and empirical research we cover in the classroom to what they observe in the Houston community--and vice versa.  I utilize the experiential learning of the students to enhance our understanding of the consequences of economic change, historical patterns of housing segregation, demographic shifts, and other deeply embedded urban dynamics.  Further, students use their hands-on experience with the community organizations to evaluate and brainstorm plans for addressing the issues of poverty and inequality in our cities.

For more information about the Community Bridges program, please click here.