In Spring 2019, I will be instructing a First-Year Writing Intensive Seminar (FWIS) course at Rice University. FWIS courses, headed by the the Program in Writing and Communication, serve as a unique component of the Rice curriculum, and instructors are selected through a competative application process.  Students focus on developing their written, visual, and verbal communication during the seminar, learning the skills necessary to develop and present their own work. Each FWIS course works on developing these writing and research skills through a particular substantive focus developed by the instructor; the focus of my course is Poverty in the U.S.: Definitions, Debates, and Determinants.

During the Spring 2018 semester, I also served as a teaching assistant for a FWIS course. This opportunity provided me with valuable insight into teaching and evaluation practices in a writing-intensive class.

Through my participation in the program, I am working directly with students on how to read and assess existing academic research, developing their own arguments, and presenting their work in a clear and engaging manner.

For more information about the FWIS program, please click here.